Robocat Rampage Walkthrough Level 1-1

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February 15, 2013 by robocatrampage

Giant Robot Cat Robocat Rampage

Hello cat! Welcome to your first mission. You will be the pilot of this giant robot cat. As you are aware from training, your mission is to clean up planet Earth. Too many dirty cities appeared & now all gardens of Earth are at risk! You are one of many brave pilots, for as we speak, countless robot cats roam across every continent. Together we will work to restore nature.

Robocat Rampage

Giant Robot Cat Robocat Rampage graphic

To begin, let’s walkthrough your first garden.



When your robot materializes on the planet surface, entering Earth’s 3-D spacetime, you will find yourself in a forest clearing. Place your paws on the controls now & walk your giant robot cat forward. There are lots of trees, flowers & bushes at the start. Easy to avoid, but you are a new pilot, so step with care!

Your first encounter with Earth’s garden pests is straight ahead. You will see three yellow vehicles cutting down trees. Destroy these vehicles quickly before more trees are lost. Before crossing the river, destroy the two factories. Stopping these two major pollution sources gains you 25000 eco points.

GAME TIP: Some buildings require more than one hit to destroy. Keep slamming, stomping, or jumping on a building until you see it disappear. Step away for the final collapse of a building. Sometimes there is fire & explosion which can damage your robot cat!

Crossing the bridge over the river, the first thing you will see is one more yellow tree cutter. Eliminate this threat before more trees get chopped down. Keep following the road forward. On the right side of the road is a parking lot full of cars. Make sure you destroy the factory by this parking lot (+12500 eco points).

Keep following the road as it curves to the right side destroying the other small buildings here for extra points. At the end of the road, you will see more water. Cross the water. Straight ahead is a tree covered island.

Go to this island. Dodge the trees here which encircle another two factories. Destroy these two factories for another 25000 eco points. Try to get extra points by crushing the logging trucks before they escape into the tunnel. Between the hills & the cemented area you will find an orange fox. Talk to the fox to exit the level!

If you did this correctly, you will clear level 1-1 with an “okay cat” ranking, or perhaps gain “good cat” ranking.

Good luck cat! Have fun crushing!

GAME TIP: An okay cat rank always lets you advance to the next level. Good cat rank in each level of a world will unlock an additional bonus level.

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