Robocat Rampage Walkthrough Level 1-2

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February 27, 2013 by robocatrampage

After stopping the logging operation in 1-1 your next challenge is stomp the city in garden 1-2.




Entering the second garden, first thing you see is a road curving away to the left. Follow this road from the beginning, starting from the cul-de-sac just to your right. Destroy all the buildings on this small island. The important target here is the factory directly ahead for 25000 eco points. Also eliminate the shipping warehouse & the two smaller buildings for an easy additional 3000 eco points.

Crossing the first bridge of this level, you arrive at another small island. This island has a sandy beach. There is nothing much to stomp here. Just quickly take out the one small building here to pick up 1000 eco points, avoid the fires from any burning vehicles & keep moving.

Follow the curve of the road, going left across the bridge to the mainland. At the first intersection, go right. You’ll see a tunnel cutting through the hill. Climb over the hill being careful not to damage any of the trees here. At the end of the road there is a factory and two more buildings. Eliminate these to earn yourself 27000 more eco points!

Now trace your steps back to that first intersection. This time, take the left at this intersection to get into destroying everything on the city blocks here. Importantly, make sure to crush the first factory on the right-hand side of the street. Continuing forward, you may notice police reacting to the presence of your giant robot cat. You don’t need to worry about them, as gunfire from such small arms cannot damage your robot cat (just watch out for the heavy artillery in later levels!).

Here you see the roads splitting off to the left and also road continuing straight ahead. The high value targets in this area are on the left. Stomp the big factory in the biggest parking lot, and stomp the much smaller gray factory directly behind it. If you are not running out of time already, crush all the smaller buildings in this zone as well!

After you’ve crushed the city to your liking, go to the very back of the mainland area. You’ll see a large muddy area where all the grass has died. It is a big construction site where the city was planning to build more condos & factories. If you arrive quickly enough, you can stomp the bulldozer & stomp the tree cutter before they cut down any more of the trees!

To exit the level, look for the orange fox standing on a small cliff overlooking the construction site. Talk with the fox. If you followed this walkthrough correctly you will complete level 1-2 with a ranking of “good cat”.

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