Robocat Rampage Walkthrough Level 1-3

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March 12, 2013 by robocatrampage

In Level 1-3, the foxes need help one last time. Your mission is to demolish a city so foxes can return home. The military is now aware of the space cats. In this garden there is a heavy police presence and two tanks are mobilized against you!

  ★ HOT TIP: Your giant robot cat is vulnerable to heavy shelling which tanks are capable of! Usually the best strategy is to crush a tank quickly before it has time to target you. Hit the tank and get away quickly, as it is likely to explode.

Starting out, you begin in some sort of canyon. The only thing going forward is don’t damage trees for negative points! Soon enough this canyon opens up into an area with a frieght train yard full of graffiti-covered boxcars. Destroy all the trains here if you want but most importantly don’t miss crushing the factory (+12500 eco points) behind the tracks, immediately to the right.



Following the tracks, going left, there is a few small buildings to crush. When you reach end of the train line, turn to your left and go up the steep hill. Next, on the right is another factory to demolish.

Before advancing further, notice the police are trying to set up a roadblock to stop you. These spike barriers can damage your giant robot cat. Keep an eye on the tank ahead as you proceed & dodge any shots fired.

tanks vs robocat

tanks vs robocat

Move carefully between the spike barriers. Hopefully also avoid knocking down trees while dodging any rounds the tank may fire at you. Crush the tank. Getting rid of the tank lets you destroy the next city block without any hazards while you work.

Successfully crush the condo tower & factory here for a combined +17500 eco points! Once you’ve crushed everything here, look to continue going uphill.

Immediately up the next hill you will come under fire from another tank. Be bold to quickly eliminate it. Directly behind the tank, don’t miss crushing the small gray factory here (+12500 eco points).

Going round the residential loop & continuing on towards the suspension bridge, you can add five houses, three mixed-zone buildings and two condo towers (+18000 eco points) to your list of things to remove from this garden.

Cross the suspension bridge and there is a few more small buildings in sight. Destroy the last of this city, or if you are running out of time, rush through and make sure you at least hit the green factory (+12500) at the back of the final block where the yellow taxi cabs are rushing about. At the end of the block is the last orange fox who will let you know (if you did all correctly!) that you passed Level 1-3.

If you followed closely this walkthrough so far, you should have no problem passing with a ‘good cat’ ranking again. When the level exits to the map screen, the secret bonus world will appear. If you don’t see the secret bonus world appearing, look over the first two chapters of this walkthrough to improve your eco score! A ‘good cat’ rank must be attained on each of the first three levels.

Either way, once a ‘good cat’ or ‘okay cat’ ranking on Level 1-3 is secured, you can advance forward in the game to the beginning of World 2.

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