Robocat Rampage Walkthrough Level 1-4

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November 26, 2013 by robocatrampage

Level 1-4 is a secret and can only be unlocked by achieving a “good cat” ranking on the first three levels. The main objective of this secret level is you must silence the helicopters (by smashing them) so the deer can relax and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll have to smash most of the buildings here too if you want enough points to win the level.

When you enter the level you will arrive just offshore in the water. Turn to the left to go onto the land. The first helicopter approaches from a helipad at the top of a cliff on your left. If you jump very quickly you can easily smash the helicopter… before it even has a chance to take off!

The first major target for eco-points is the big factory you will encounter before you cross any roads. To get your best possible score be sure to also eliminate the boxcars under the overpass and crush all cars which are stuck idling in a traffic jam at the rail crossing.

After crossing a short bridge over the water, there is a fork in the road and you will encounter a couple blocks of urban sprawl. Crush the three big towers completely to make sure the deer is satisfied with no more city noises at night. In this area, two more helicopters will approach you.

The easiest way to smash these helicopters is to center your giant robot cat directly beneath a chopper. Wait until the chopper is flying low and then jump up to destroy it. Jumping at a helicopter from the side is much more risky since there is always a lot of nearby forests to accidentally crush!


This first secret level is not long, and the layout is also pretty straightforward. However, there is a lot of forest all around this level! If you stomp any of these trees you lose major eco-points (minus 5000 eco per forest lost!!!) and it becomes very unlikely to pass the mission. The trick to completing the first secret level is stay away from stepping on any of that forest.

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