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Robocat Rampage was released in 2012, just in time before the Mayan calendar ended.

Once every 5126 years, the space cats arrive on Earth to renew our planet.

Space cats have landed on Earth & find it is an awful mess!

You are the brave pilot of a giant robot cat. Your job is to save nature by destroying all the dirty human cities.

The gameplay is simple to learn, yet challenging to master. Crush human civilization to earn eco points. If you destroy any nature you earn negative eco points.

Robocat Rampage is independently and entirely developed by Luke Turvey. This game couldn’t get any more indie.


We (Luke and his wife Natsuko) will post some key moves and strategies to help you beat the game here on this blog, stay tuned!

get your robocat rampage full version

robocat ramapge full version!

Your purchase help us make more games and keep updating this one!

Thanks for your support!!

Visit robocatrampage.com


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